Nosepress with Unon Contact Pro 2021 bindings

Snowboard Clips Featured In Corner 28 Blog (FS 540 & BS Nosepress)

Recently I was featured in a Youtube Snowboard blog by Corner 28. I have been trying to learn frontside 540s on a tiny jump, and it all came together during their blog.

During this session I was testing out the new Union Contact Pro 2021 bindings, so there is nosepress clip in there too.

The tricks where we are featured are:

  1. The frontside 540 at 2:20
  2. A Backside tailslide at 3:06
  3. A Backside nosepress at 3:10

Here is to those moments when there is valid proof you are progressing!

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Last Updated: February 23, 2024 by Steve Weber