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Snowboard Finder

Snowboard Shop Finder

We are often asked for recommendations on which snowboard shops are worth it to buy from. Most boardshops will say they know which is the right board for you. However, I hear more stories that sound like nightmares than I do of someone finding the right snowboard for them.

After several requests for finding a local snowboard shop, we decided to put a resource list together to help our readers find a local shop near them.

That resource is here.

*Disclaimer: We have not personally been to all the board shops listed on this map. This is just a resource we put together based on other rider’s feedback. Please do not hold us accountable for any experience you have by visiting one of these shops.
(Unless, ofcourse, if it is a solid experience.)

If you visit one of these board shops and they do not know about the gear reviews on, would you please tell them we sent you to their shop? We are looking to highlight a few shops on the list, and there is no better way to get that conversation started than by you having a great experience with our site and their shop.

If you need a little help trying to find a snowboard shop in your area, this resource will show you where and how to find a snowboard shop in your area.

Have an excellent time riding!

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Steve Weber is an avid snowboarder and skateboarder. He has been snowboarding for 26 years, skateboarding for 20, and is always looking for a new board sport to try out. When he is not riding or skating, he runs a marketing agency. Board of the World is Steve’s blog for skateboard and snowboard gear reviews. The blog’s goal is to help people find the right board for them and encourage people to have fun outside.