The Best All Mountain Snowboards

The 10 Best All-Mountain Snowboards for 2025 (With Their Top Specs Reviewed)

The Best All Mountain Directional Board

Capita Aeronaut Snowboard 2024

Capita Aeronaut Snowboard 2025

The Aeronaut ($649.95) just released as part of Capita’s 2025 prerelease lineup, so right now you can get next year’s graphic a few months early. The Aeronaut is a new snowboard model designed by pro rider Arthur Longo that was added to the lineup for the 2024 season, and it quickly sold out. The 2025 version is identical to the original version with two small changes. First, it has the new Hyperdrive ADV XT Die-Cut Base. Second, it now comes in four new wide sizes 156 Wide, 158 Wide, 160 Wide, and a162 Wide size.

This board is a directional twin with a camber profile that was designed to pay homage to the directional cambered boards of the 90s. It is designed to perform well on all terrain at your favorite local resort. The Capita Aeronaut is a board that is ready to charge through groomers while having the additional pop to launch you off every side hit you find.

The Capita Aeronaut features the Alpine V3 profile. If you were to look at the board for the side, its profile would look like this.

aeronaut profile

The profile combines a traditional camber section between your feet with catch-free zero-camber sections in the nose and tail. The benefit of the Alpine V3 profile is that it offers enhanced control, response, and power. It is a stable profile that is still easy to ride and ready to power through any type of conditions that you encounter.

The Aeronaut is a board that can do it all. The Capita Aeronaut is a mid-flexing board rated at a six out of 10. It’s pressable enough to lap it in the park while still being stable enough to charge when you need it on your favorite slope.

The Aeronaut is a really fun board to carve with. Capita designed the Aeronaut with a progressive sidecut that offers easy turn initiation, stability through the turn, and an added boost of power when exiting the turn.

This snowboard has an outstanding level of pop. Arthur Longo designed the Aeronaut to launch you into the air. This board has one of the highest-end sintered bases you can buy, and the core of the board was built to be extremely lightweight and durable. Also, Arthur strategically added carbon sections to give the board an explosive springboard-like pop.

Here is a closer look at the wooden core’s design and the carbon inserts’ layout.

core of the Capita Aeronaut Snowboard

This board is right at home in the powder too. The Aeronaut features a tapered directional shape with a setback stance of 0.8″ ( or 20.32mm). This design helps the board stay afloat by shifting your weight towards the back. The narrower tail sinks into the snow, while the wider nose stays above the surface, effortlessly gliding over deep snow. The result is a surfy feeling board that still offers enough control to carve a trench when it needs to.

If you’re looking for a fast, lightweight board that is fun to carve and ready to launch you off every single side hit, get the Aeronaut immediately before it sells out.


  • Versatile enough for anything at the resort – From powder to large kickers in the park
  • Excellent edge hold / Carves beautifully while still being easy to ride
  • Responsive / Stable feel – this rides well at high speeds while still being stable enough to land large jumps without washing out
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent pop
  • Fast high end sintered base


  • It will sell out fast.
  • It is on the more expensive side (yet well worth it).

Sizes Available: 153, 155, 157, 159, 161

See the Right Size Capita Aeronaut for You
Capita Aeronaut Weight Range
Size (cm) Rider Weight (lbs)
153 115 – 175
155 125 – 185
157 135 – 195
159 145 – 205
161 160 – 220

Flex: Medium to Stiff 6/10

Bindings to Pair With It: Union Force Bindings

Probability of Selling Out Score: 100% – This board is brand new, and is already starting to sell out online. It is expected to completely sell out by the end of January.

Note: The Aeronaut is nearly sold out. Check out the availability chart to see the sizes each retailer still have available of the Capita Aeronaut left in stock.

See Where the Aeronaut Is In Stock

Where is the Capita Aeronaut Is Still In Stock

Here is a chart showing the sizes each retailer still has available for the Capita Aeronaut.

Retailer Sizes Available Board Link
Christy Sports 157 View
Buckman’s 155,157 View

Best Powder Ready All Mountain Deck

Lib Tech T.Rice Golden Orca Snowboard 2024

Best Snowboards 2024 Lib Tech T.Rice Golden Orca Snowboard

The Lib Tech T.Rice Golden Orca Snowboard ($799.99) is the supercharged version of the traditional Travis Rice Orca mixed with the features of the T.Rice Pro. The result is a board that is a more freestyle-friendly all-mountain beast of a deck that is ready to charge through all conditions in either regular or switch stance.

The Golden Orca is a versatile board with a medium to stiff flex (7 / 10). It is built on the Lib Tech C2X rocker profile with a one-inch setback stance. It looks like this when you look at the board from its side.

Golden Orca C2X Board Profile

The C2X profile shape is described as a noticeable rocker between your feet and two camber zones directly under your feet. The benefit of this rocker profile with a stance that is nearly centered is that it is perfect for all conditions you will encounter at the resort while being right at home as your powder board too. The Golden Orca offers stability with power and the pop to match it.

A new addition to the Golden Orca from the Traditional Orca is the Power Kink Tail technology Lib Tech added in. The tail is long and has a more mellow angled rise to it. The design makes the Golden Orca the better Orca deck for riding switch.

The Golden Orca comes in slightly narrower than the traditional deck. That said, it is still wider than most snowboards. Lib Tech recommends going with a size that is one to three centimeters smaller than your usual length to find the perfect Golden Orca size for you.

This deck has nine millimeters of taper. The nose on this snowboard is nine millimeters wider than the tail. The tapered shape gives this deck its flawless ability to float in powder. It also makes carving on this board feel effortless.

The base is a sintered base. It will be durable and fast. However, you will need to maintain it and wax it regularly.

If you’re looking for a supercharged freestyle all-mountain snowboard that can float on powder and charge through any condition, you just found it. Get the Golden Orca. This deck is expected to sell out, so if you’re thinking about it, get one.

Sizes Available: 153, 157, 161

Flex: Stiff 7/10


  • All of the powder ready benefits of the traditional orca in a super charged all-mountain deck.
  • Its directional shape.
  • Built to be insanely lightweight and durable
  • Rides switch (the regular orca didn’t)
  • Magne Traction – Insanely good edge hold when riding in icy or poor conditions


  • It is on the expensive side coming in at around $750. (It is so very worth it.)

Sizes Available: 150, 153, 157, 161 – This is meant to ride 1-3 cm shorter than your typical board. It is volume shifted, so it is wider than a traditional snowboard.

See the Right Size Lib Tech Golden Orca for You
Lib Tech Golden Orca Weight Range
Size (cm) Rider Weight (lbs)
150 110+
153 120+
157 130+
161 140+

Flex: Stiff 7/10

Bindings to Pair With It: Union Falcor Bindings

Pro Tip: There is now an even higher end version of this board with more carbon to keep it lighter and a faster base. It’s called the Lib Tech Apex Golden Orca.

Lib Tech Golden Apex Orca Snowboard 2024

Best Snowboards 2024 Lib Tech Apex Golden Orca Snowboard

The Lib Tech Golden Apex Orca ($979.95) is the brand new, premium ultralight version of the Golden Orca. It’s meant to float in pow, carve trenches on groomers, and blast out of side hits with more power than ever before. This board was made with Lib Tech’s new “Anti Matter” construction. Think of it as the insanely lightweight, faster cousin of the Golden Orca. If that sounds interesting, get yours soon because these are expected to sell out.

Sizes Available: 150, 153, 157, 161 – This is meant to ride 1-3 cm shorter than your typical board. It is volume shifted, so it is wider than a traditional snowboard.

See the Right Size Lib Tech Apex Golden Orca for You
Lib Tech Apex Golden Orca Weight Range
Size (cm) Rider Weight (lbs)
153 120+
157 130+
161 140+

Flex: Stiff 7/10

Bindings to Pair With It: Union Falcor Bindings

Best All Mountain Freestyle for Resort Riding

Spring Break Resort Twin

Spring Break Resort Twin

The Spring Break Resort Twin ($549.95 ) is a brand new snowboard model for the 2024 season that is already so popular it sold out on the Capita website within one week of becoming available. Capita just released the 2025 version of this board a few months early, so you can get next season’s graphic right now. This board is the first resort-focused all-mountain freestyle snowboard on the Spring Break lineup. Up to this point, Spring Break has primarily made decks for riding in slush and powder. However, the Resort Twin is the first board in the lineup focused on charging groomers all over your favorite resort.

Thanks to the Resort V2 camber profile and its twin shape, the Resort Twin is a versatile board that you can take anywhere at your local resort. If you were to look at the Resort Twin from the side, it would look like this. spring break resort twin resort v2 profile

The Resort V2 profile is a hybrid camber profile. It has a traditional camber section between your feet with reverse camber sections running outside of the insert packs through the nose and tail. The benefit is that you get the power, pop, and drive of positive camber between your feet with the catch-free, easier-to-carve feeling of a rockered nose and tail. This profile gives the board a very predictable, intuitive feel while still coming packed with a generous amount of pop.

The Spring Break Resort Twin is also a board with an incredible level of edge hold for carving. Whether you’re charging at high speeds in perfect conditions or riding more reserved on solid ice, the Resort Twin is a board that will help you lock into every turn.

Here is why.

This board features Spring Break’s Radial Sidecut with Deathgrip technology. This special sidecut means the Resort Twin has a traditional sidecut arc that runs the length of the board, with one additional contact point added directly in the center of the arc. If you were to look closely at the edge of this snowboard, it would look like this.

deathgrip sidecut

Notice the extra bump in the center of the snowboard’s edge? That extra contact point in the center of the sidecut allows the board to grip better in all conditions, regardless of the type of terrain you are riding in. The extra level of grip allows you to feel in control at all times, so you can ride confidently and improve how you connect your turns without worrying if it’s too icy out.

The Resort Twin Was built with a lightweight, durable wooden core called Spring Break’s Meta Core. Additionally, Spring Break added in four v-shaper one-inch carbon amplifiers. Here is an image of what the construction of the board looks like underneath its top sheet with the three different types of wood and carbon amplifiers.

resort twin's meta core construction

The Meta Core is a combination of paulownia, poplar, and beech with carbon fiber arranged in a V-shape in the tips of the board. It’s a core that is lightweight, responsive, and durable, while the carbon amplifiers add a level of springboard-like pop to the board.

Spring Break gave the Resort Twin its Power Drive base. This base material is made with a combination of sintered and extruded bases. The benefit is that it’s exceptionally fast, easy to repair, and won’t require a lot of wax to maintain it.

Overall, this is a board that you will feel confident with and have an insane amount of fun riding. From the Resort Twin’s extremely lightweight core and radial sidecut to its superior edge hold, every feature in this board was intentionally crafted to maximize your control and enjoyment at your favorite resort.

If this description sounds interesting, I’d recommend getting the Resort Twin soon before it completely sells out in your size.

Also read our full in depth Capita Spring Break Resort Twin review.


  • Built with the resort rider in mind. This is ne board that can do all types of resort riding well. It’s phenomenal on groomers and excellent in the park.
  • This board has a very stable, locked in feel with an outstanding level of edge hold
  • Mid flex / Easily pressable while still offering stability
  • Lightweight / Durable
  • Predictable feel that won’t take long to get used to
  • Fast base that is relatively low maintenance
  • Great for multiple riding styles / Good for resort riding or park riding


  • Not available in many sizes. If you need a smaller or larger size, check out the Capita Indoor Survival as it has many of the same specs and is available in additional sizes.
  • It is an insanely popular board that sells out fast. This was on the Capita website for one week before selling out.
  • Not a great option for really deep snow

Sizes: 154, 156, 158, 160

See the Right Size Srping Break Resort Twin for You
Spring Break Resort Twin Weight Range
Size (cm) Rider Weight (lbs)
154 105-165
156 115-175
158 135-195
160 150-210​+

Our Rating: 4.6 / 5 – Read the Capita SB Resort Twin Review

Flex: Medium ( 5 out of 10)

Bindings to Pair With It: Union Force Bindings

Most Versatile High End Snowboard

Capita Mega Merc Snowboard 2024

Capita Mega Mercury Snowboard 2024

The Capita Mega Merc ($799.95) is a premium version of Capita’s award-winning Mercury snowboard. They call this version the “Mega Merc.” The Mega Merc is the most anticipated all mountain board for the 2024 season because it is truly perfect for all types of snowboarding. This board will perform well in the park, on groomers, and even in powder. The Mega Merc sold out in a matter of days last season, so if your size is available, don’t wait too long to get it.

The Capita Mega Merc is a directional twin with a stance set back by half of an inch. The slight setback stance helps the board float easier in powder without giving it any issues while you ride switch stance.

This snowboard features Capita’s V2 resort profile. It has is a traditional camber between your feet with rocker zones in the nose and tail. It looks like this.

capita v2 profile 1

The camber section is where the board gets its pop, power, and responsiveness, while the rocker sections help it remain playful, pressable, and catch-free on park features.

This is a very light board that rides incredibly well. The top sheet of the board features Capita’s Megalite Skin. It is an extremely lite laminate that is a 60% reduction from the standard top sheet. The best part about the weight reduction is that the Capita Mega Merc doesn’t feel like a light chattery board that has nothing to it. The Mega Merc is a damp, hard-charging snowboard that is both fun and smooth to ride.

This board is made of Triax glass, carbon bands, and magic bean resin to hold it all together while giving it a poppy yet lively feel. One of the coolest tech features about the Mega Mercury is built into its core. It has a hybrid Poplar, Paulownia, and plastic core designed to give the board response, pop, and power while keeping the weight light and the impact on the environment low.

For the 2024 season, the Capita Mega Merc’s base was upgraded to the new Hyperdrive base.

capita mega mercury snowboard base

The base is a specialty formulated sintered base with a stone ground finish. While you will need to wax it to keep it fast, you will find that it’s durable and slides well on rails and boxes.

So, what is the real appeal here?

The premium materials used and how versatile the board is. While there are many all-mountain snowboards, only a few of them truly excel as a board that can carve, float, and hit the park. This snowboard can do all of it exceptionally well.

So if you’re looking for a board that can do it all to perfection, get the Capita Mega Mercury.


  • One deck that can truly do it all with a ton of premium quality materials and tech features
  • Super light core
  • Slightly set back stance – perfect for all conditions and even park
  • Incredibly fast base
  • Responsive camber-dominant profile with a stiffer 6 out of 10 flex


    Sizes Available: 153, 156 Wide, 157, 158 Wide, 159, 160 Wide, 161

    See the Right Size Capita Mega Merc for You
    Capita Mega Merc Weight Range
    Size (cm) Rider Weight (lbs)
    153 100-160
    155 120-180
    156 Wide 120-180
    157 130-190
    158 Wide 130-190
    159 140-200
    160 Wide 140-200​+
    161 160-200​+

    Flex: Medium to Stiff 6.5/10

    Bindings to Pair With It: Union Atlas Bindings

    Best Do It All Snowboards

    Capita Super Doa 2024

    Capita Super Doa 2023 best all-mountain snowboard

    The Capita Super DOA ($599.96) is the premium version of the Defenders of Awesome deck that I mentioned above. This sells out so quickly, so if you want it, I recommend you buy the 2024 version right now.

    The Super DOA snowboard includes all of the cutting-edge technology that Capita offers with the same hybrid camber dominant profile shape as its traditional DOA cousin. The board has the same carbon strips and flax through the traditional DOA. It has the springboard pop and dampening system to help it work in all terrain without feeling the chatter under your feet.

    If you rested this board on a table and looked at its side, it would look like this.

    Capita Super D.O.A Board Profile

    One of the most considerable differences between in the Super DOA from the standard DOA is that it has a 3D core profile. The 3D profile shape makes this board thicker between the feet and thinner outside your bindings. The board has a medium-stiff flex rating. It can butter on the nose and tail with some effort. That said, the center of the board is thicker and designed more for stability rather than flex. The thicker center makes the board is great for jumps and being responsive at high speeds. The shape and flex give this board a unique balance of playfulness and stability that you will not find in another board on this list

    Last season, the Super DOA was upgraded with a new topsheet and core, making it lighter, snappier, and more responsive. Now, for 2024, the Capita Super DOA was upgraded with a new specialized high molecular sintered base with a stone-ground finish to make it faster than ever before too. This board will get the speed most riders only dream of. However, you will want to wax it often to make sure it keeps its glide.

    Here is a quick overview of the new base and updated features in the 2024 Super DOA.

    Capita Super DOA 2024 new features

    The base and edges are also tuned after the manufacturing process to ensure the board is as fast as possible and rides well in either regular or switch stance.

    If you are looking for a versatile, do it all type snowboard board, this is the board for you. The DOA will be great in the park or exploring your favorite parts of the mountain.

    If you are learning to snowboard, you might want to first start with a less expensive version on the list.


    • Playful and Stable
    • Good in all terrain
    • Damp / stable board that absorbs shock and chatter
    • Pop – this has the same carbon that runs through the traditional DOA.
    • Lightweight and durable


    • Flex – This is on the medium to stiff side overall
    • On the more expensive side.

    Sizes Available: 152, 154, 155 Wide, 156, 158, 158 Wide, 160, 161 Wide, 163 Wide

    See the Right Size Capita Super DOA for You
    Capita Super DOA Weight Range
    Size (cm) Rider Weight Range (lbs)
    152 110-150
    154 120-180
    155W 130-190
    156 130-190
    158 140-200
    158W 140-200
    160 160-220​+
    161W 160-220
    163W 170-230​+

    Flex: Medium 5/10

    Bindings to Pair With It: Union Force Bindings

    Best Bang for Your Buck Snowboard

    Arbor Element Camber 2024

    Arbor Element Camber 2024

    The 2024 Arbor Element Camber ($419.99) is a directional twin all-mountain snowboard. This deck is designed with both sustainability and performance in mind while still being flexible enough to be playful. The Element comes in both a traditional camber and rocker shapes. The particular shape that we reviewed is the camber. What makes this camber board a little easier to ride than most is that its contact points are risen three degrees to help make it more forgiving for newer riders.

    The Arbor Element’s edge-hold is excellent thanks to its unique sidecut profile. The deck utilizes three radial sidecuts designed to minimize heel and toe drag while you are carving. The result is a board that creates superb edge hold in either soft and icy conditions while still allowing you to ride with aggression and confidence. While the board’s focus is stability, it still has the flex and pop you are looking for in an all-mountain freestyle snowboard.

    If you want a board that can do it all, this is the one.

    If you are looking for a really flexible board for butters, this won’t be for you.


    • Versatile – one board to do it all / all rounder
    • Raised contact points for a more forgiving ride
    • Its directional shape.
    • Arbor’s commitment to sustainability


    • Medium to stiff flex

    Sizes Available: 153, 156, 159, 160 Mid Wide, 161 Wide, 162, 165 Wide

    See the Right Size Arbor Element Camber for You
    Arbor Element Camber Weight Range
    Size (cm) Rider Weight (lbs)
    153 114 – 194
    156 120 – 200
    159 126 – 206
    160 Mid Wide 132 – 212
    161 Wide 128 – 208
    162 138 – 218
    165 Wide 142 – 220​+

    Flex: Medium 5/10

    Bindings to Pair With It: Arbor Cypress Bindings

    Top All Mountain Snowboard for Women

    Never Summer Proto Synthesis Snowboard – Women’s Version

    Never Summer Proto Synthesis Snowboard - Women's Version

    The Never Summer Proto Synthesis ($543.99) is a responsive, true twin all-mountain snowboard with a ton of pop. This board also comes in a version that guys would love too here.

    The Never Summer Proto Synthesis is an all-mountain board that will improve your jumps and carving. Carbon fiber is built into this board to give it additional pop and responsiveness. You will be able to load the pop up in the board. The carbon reacts like a springboard to launch you even higher as you ollie. Additionally, the carbon gives the board a better edge hold while keeping the board’s flex pattern the same over a long time.

    The flex rating of the board is six out of ten. It won’t feel too stiff or too flexible. It is right in the middle. The dampness rating of the board is also a six out of ten. The Proto Synthesis isn’t an overly aggressive board. However, its hybrid shape gives it the same properties as an aggressive, positive camber board. It is responsive, and you will not feel any chatter while riding on ice or rough terrain. That said, you will have to work at doing butters or nose presses on the Proto Synthesis.

    The Proto Synthesis features the Shock Wave Rocker Camber profile. Here is what it looks like.

    Shock Wave Rocker Camber Board Profile

    The profile can be described as a hybrid profile with a rocker between your feet with camber sections under your bindings, a small flat section, and then reverse camber in the nose and tail. The rocker section between your feet is more of a mellow rocker designed to feel more like a positive camber section as you press your bindings down into the snow.

    The Never Summer Proto Synthesis features Vario Power Grip Sidecut. That means that there are five additional contact points to improve this board’s edge hold and carving ability.

    This is a fast, durable board that can withstand anything you put it through. The base of the board is Never Summer’s high-end sintered base called the Durasurf XT 5501. It is incredibly fast, durable, and ready for any terrain you ride it on. Additionally, the Topsheet of the board is Never Summer’s Premium Coextruded Polymer Topsheet. It is chip and scratch-resistant. The Never Summer Proto Synthesis sidewalls were also designed to be indestructible. They are made of the same P-Tex material that is ordinarily used in the base of a snowboard.

    If you are looking for a fast board that can conquer the whole mountain, check out the Never Summer Proto Synthesis.

    Want to see more women’s snowboards? Check out our best women’s snowboards of 2022 award list.


    • Carbon added for pop and responsiveness
    • Lightweight
    • Durable laminates and sidewalls
    • 3 year Warranty
    • Fast base – This has Durasurf XT Sintered 5501 Base the fastest Never Summer has ever used.
    • Its stiffer flex and dampness.


    • The sizes end at 151cm. However, the other version goes up to 161.
    • Not beginner friendly. This is more for intermediate and advanced riders.

    Sizes Available: 139, 142, 145, 148, 151

    See the Right Size Never Summer Proto Synthesis Snowboard 2022 for You
    Never Summer Proto Synthesis Snowboard 2022 Weight Range
    Size (cm) Rider Weight (lbs)
    139 70-120
    142 75-125
    145 80-130 
    148 95-145
    151 110-160

    Flex: Medium 5/10

    Bindings to Pair With It: Union Juliet Bindings

    Pro Tip: Also check out the men’s version of the Never Summer Proto Synthesis too.

    Men’s Never Summer Proto Synthesis

    Men's Never Summer Proto Synthesis

    This men’s version of the Never Summer Proto Synthesis ($543.99) has all the same tech in the board mentioned above. This one is built with larger sizes and different graphics.

    The Never Summer Proto Synthesis is an all-mountain board that will improve your jumps and carving. Carbon is built into this snowboard to give it more pop and responsiveness. As you pop your ollies, you will feel the carbon in the board will load up and then release like a springboard to launch you even higher. The hybrid profile of this board gives the board a better edge hold while you ride.

    If you are looking for a fast board with a ton of pop that can conquer the whole mountain, check out the Never Summer Proto Synthesis.


    • Carbon added for pop and responsiveness
    • Lightweight
    • Durable laminates and sidewalls
    • 3 year Warranty
    • Fast base – This has Durasurf XT Sintered 5501 Base the fastest Never Summer has ever used.


    • This is more for intermediate to advanced riders. It is not the most beginner friendly.

    Easiest to Ride All Mountain Snowboards

    Lib Tech Skate Banana

    Lib Tech Skate Banana

    The Lib Tech Skate Banana ($417.59) is ridiculously easy to ride true twin shaped all-mountain freestyle snowboard. The board profile is its main selling feature. It looks like this.

    Lib Tech Skate Banana Snowboard Contour Profile

    This is a hybrid rocker shaped (V-shaped) snowboard between your feet with slight camber zones under your feet to the nose and tail. The board profile makes the deck catch-free, playful, floaty in powder, and aggressive enough to carve every terrain type. The Skate Banana uses Magne-Traction edges to give the deck seven different contact points. The Magne-Traction provides the snowboard with an insane edge hold even while riding on ice or rougher terrain. The flex rating of this snowboard is on the softer side at a 4/10. You will be able to do butters and tail presses easily while still remaining stable enough for steeper terrain or hitting jumps. The Skate Banana’s core is made of 75% Aspen and 25% Paulownia wood. This combination of the wood used in the snowboard gives it its lighter weight while making it incredibly strong. The base of the board is a mix of a sintered and extruded base. It is fast base that will not require as much wax or maintenance as other bases on the list. If you are looking for an easy to ride, park friendly snowboard that can rip the entire mountain, then this board is for you.


    • The hybrid rocker profile makes this easy to ride.
    • Magne Traction’s edge hold
    • Its twin shape.


    • Riders who want to hit rails often may want to detune their Magne Traction edges.
    • May washout on landing spins

    Sizes Available: 150, 152, 153 Wide, 154, 156, 156 Wide, 159, 159 Wide, 162 Wide

    See the Right Size Lib Tech Skate Banana for You
    Lib Tech Skate Banana Weight Range
    Size (cm) Rider Weight (lbs)
    150 65+
    152 70+
    153 Wide 75+
    154 75+
    156 80+
    156 Wide 80+
    159 85+
    159 Wide 85+
    162 Wide 90+

    Flex: Soft and Pressable 3/10

    Bindings to Pair With It: Bent Metal Transfer Bindings

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    Capita Birds of a Feather – This is one of the best women’s snowboards you can buy. It is the women’s equivalent to the Capita DOA.

    Capita Birds of a Feather Snowboard

    Solomon Abstract – This is a brand new unisex all-mountain freestyle board that really shines in the park.

    salomon abstract snowboard 2024

    Capita Mega Death – This is a brand new premium, extremely lightweight carving monster of an all-mountain freeride board.

    capita mega death 2024

    Jones Stratos – The Jones Stratos is an all-mountain freeride snowboard that offers a playful yet snappy riding experience in powder and mixed conditions. Its mid-stiff flex, tapered directional shape, and directional rocker profile provide power, float, and grip, while its short sidecut and Eco-Plastic Topsheet absorb chatter in rough snow.

    Jones Stratos 1

    Considerations When Buying an All-Mountain Snowboard

    Read our beginner’s guide to all-mountain snowboards to learn everything you need to know before buying your first board. Here is a summary of the details you should consider when buying an all-mountain snowboard.

    • Shape of the Snowboard: The shape of a board is its outline. Depending on your riding style, a board’s shape can offer advantages and disadvantages. A twin-shaped snowboard is great for riding in either stance, while an asymmetrical snowboard can be better for carving. 
    • Camber Profile: The camber profile is the curvature of the board while looking at it from the side. The camber profile greatly affects how powerful or playful a board feels underfoot. Camber, a lowercase n-shaped curve, will feel powerful and snappy, while Rocker, a lowercase u-shaped curve, will feel loose and playful. 
    • Flex Pattern: The flex pattern refers to how flexible the snowboard is. A flexible snowboard is better for butter and rail tricks, while a stiffer flexing snowboard is better for carving and jumping. 
    • Board Category Style: There are four different types of snowboards available on the market today: Freestyle (also called Park), Freeride, All-Mountain, and Powder Boards. Read our guide to the different types of snowboards to learn more about the benefits of each style.  
    • Edge Hold / Grip: The level of grip a snowboard has while carving is important, depending on the type of snow you will ride. If you often ride icy terrain, look for a board with a stronger edge hold rating to help you grip to the ice. 
    Benefits of an All Mountain Snowboard

    All mountain snowboards are good for resort riding and having one board that can “do-it-all.”

    Here are examples of the types of riding you would do on an all mountain snowboard.

    • Ride all slopes at a resort regardless of their experience level rating
    • Carving through trees at the resort
    • Hit small to medium jumps in the park
    • Hit the occasional rail or box in the park
    What Are All Mountain Snowboards Not Good For?

    Most all mountain snowboards are not great for the following types of riding.

    • Snowboarding in powder or very deep snow
    • Racing
    • Backcountry snowboarding (riding in the mountains outside of the resort)
    • Riding in the halfpipe

    While an all mountain snowboards can technically be used for any of these types of riding. A snowboard designed for the specialized type of riding you enjoy most will perform even better.

    The main summary is that when a snowboard is tuned to do everything, it does everything moderately well doing everything. However, when a snowboard is designed for a specific type of riding, like park riding, for example, it performs exceptionally well in that area and often compromises in other areas like carving, shock absorption, or riding groomers. Read our guide to the benefits of each type of snowboard to learn more.

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  1. Hey Steve!
    Thinking of getting the never summer proto ultra with the Falcors as it seems like it could take my riding to the next level and last me awhile. I’m currently and intermediate almost advanced rider and am wondering if this would be too much board for me or if it would help me to reach that next level of riding.

    1. Hey Kellyn! No way! I think you’re going to love the Proto Ultra with Falcors. Another Union binding that pairs well with the Proto Ultra is the Union Atlas. I’d also take a look at that binding, too. Good luck in your boards search!

  2. Way cool! Some extremely valid points! I appreciate you penning this post and the rest of the site is also very good.

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