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2024 Capita Snowboards Preview

2024 Capita Snowboards Lineup Preview

Some photos and information about the 2024 Capita Snowboards lineup were released this week, and here is what we know so far.

Here’s what’s new in capita’s 2023-24 lineup.

There are three brand-new snowboards for the 2024 Season.

  1. The Capita Aeronaut
  2. The Capita Mega Death
  3. The Capita Ultrafear Reverse

The 2024 Capita Aeronaut Snowboard

The Aeronaut is designed by Capita team rider Arthur Longo. This board is a directional twin with a camber profile that was designed to pay homage to the directional cambered boards of the 90s. It is designed specifically to go all over your local resort and is ready to charge through powder or groomers while having the additional pop to launch you off every side hit you find.

The Capita Aeronaut features the Alpine V3 profile.

The 2024 Capita Mega Death Snowboard

The Mega Death is the supercharged version of the Black Snowboard of Death. This board features a lighter core, a full mega carbon topsheet, and a faster base from the original Black Snowboard of Death.

The Capita Mega Death features the Alpine V1 profile.

The 2024 Capita Ultrafear Reverse Camber

Before 2021, the Ultrafear was on the Park V2 profile, which has a flat section between your feet. For 2024, that version of the Ultrafear has returned. Capita has released a new separate version Ultrafear that is back on the V2 profile. It’s called the Capita Ultrafear Reverse.

Here is a diagram of the Park V2 profile.

The camber Ultrafear on the Resort V1 profile will also be available with a different, darker graphic that you can see here.

New 2024 Graphics

Here are previews of the new 2024 capita snowboard graphics.

Capita DOA 2024

Capita Super DOA 2024

Capita Mercury 2024

Capita Mega Merc 2024

Capita Outerspace Living 2024

Capita Ultrafear Camber 2024

Capita Pathfinder Reverse 2024

Capita The Outsiders 2024

Capita Kazu Kokubo Pro 2024

Capita Indoor Survival 2024

I will continue to add to this post as I learn more, so check back soon.

Where You Can Learn More

You can read more over on Evo’s 2024 Gear Preview.

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