Nidecker Sensor Plus Review

Nidecker Sensor Plus Review 2024: Is the Sensor+ Worth It?

The Nidecker Sensor Plus (or Sensor+) snowboard is a freestyle all-mountain snowboard that is perfect for riders who are looking for the speed and pop required to launch it off of jumps. The Sensor Plus has a full camber profile that combines with carbon fiber to give the board an explosive level of pop. Nidecker also added a high-end N-7000 sintered base to ensure the board remains incredibly fast.

Here is my full in-depth review of how this board feels to ride, as well as my overall impression of all of its features.

Overview of the 2024 Nidecker Sensor Plus

Nidecker Sensor Plus Snowboard 2024 Highlights

Nidecker Sensor Plus Snowboard 2024


  • Insane Pop – Camber with carbon to make it even more explosive
  • Fast – Nidecker’s N-7000 Sintered Base
  • Lightweight / Durable
  • Sidekick – Features the same curvature in the nose and tail as a Bataleon board. This helps it feel easier to ride / makes it feel catch-free.
  • Nidecker’s 3 Year Warranty


  • It will be too stiff for some riders. If you are looking for a more jib-friendly softer board, check out the Nidecker Sensor (non-plus version).
  • This is not the most beginner friendly board. Sure, the uplifted contact points will help make it easier to ride. However, its stiffness and camber profile make this an excellent board for intermediate and advanced riders, but not so much for beginners.


147, 150, 153, 156, 159 Wide

Technology Features in The Nidecker Sensor Plus Snowboard

  • Shape / Category: This is a true twin freestyle park snowboard.
  • Profile: Full Camber / Positive Camber
  • Flex Rating: This board has a medium flex that is on the stiffer side, rated at a 7/10.
  • Construction: Premium sandwich construction
  • Topsheet: Absorbnid topsheet, a topsheet made out of a rubbery matte material. The benefit is that it adds an extra layer of dampening to the board.
  • Binding Mount Pattern: Standard 2×4 – This is standard / universal and will work with all bindings except for Burton’s EST channel system mount.
  • Fiberglass: Triax Plus
  • Core: Lightweight Wood Core – A wooden core made with poplar, beech, spruce, and paulownia. It is lightweight while still being durable and snappy.
  • Base: N-7000, a sintered carbon base designed to be fast and durable.
  • Extra Features: Pop Carbon Plus – Carbon stringers worked into the board to give it explosive pop.
  • Extra Tech: Sidekick Technology – The contact points are lifted out of the snow. This is a curved / 3d nose and tail, just like you would see in a Bataleon board.

The 2024 Nidecker Sensor Plus vs. the 2023 Version: Updates In the New Version

Here are both versions side by side so you can see their graphic differences.

Other than a slight update to its graphic, there are no upgrades designed into the Nidecker Sensor Plus for 2024.

The 2024 Nidecker Senor Plus graphic is similar to last season’s, with the main visual difference being the top sheet’s perimeter color. The 2023 version had a pale blue colored perimeter, while the 2024 model was updated to a soft pink color. After that, the bases have alternating colors. Where the 2023 version’s base had pink as its dominant color, the 2024 version now has teal as its dominant color.

Why Did I Get the Sensor Plus Snowboard?

This is one of those reviews where I didn’t know I would be trying the board before it arrived at my house. I wanted to review the Nidecker Supermatic Bindings, so I reached out to Nidecker to try them. They sent me the Sensor Plus with the bindings because they thought it would be a board that I would like. I am glad they did because this board rips. 

So How Does the New Sensor Plus Feel to Ride?

I’ve been riding and enjoying my Evil Twin Plus all season, and the Sensor Plus Feels a lot like the Evil Twin, with the exception of its wider waist width and stiffer flex pattern. The Sensor Plus feels more stable and responsive than the Evil Twin Plus, yet both share the easy-to-ride, catch-free feel of having their contact points curving upwards thanks to the Sidekick tech. 

 If you’re looking for a board that can both jib and hit small to medium sized jumps, the Evil Twin has a softer flex that will be perfect for you. However, if you want more stability for carving and jumping any sized jump, the Nidecker Plus is the right choice for you. 

Now, If you haven’t ridden the Evil Twin Plus, here is my description of what it feels like to ride the Nidecker Sensor Plus. 

This is a board that feels stable and in control while being very easy to carve. The board’s uplifted contact points of the Sidekick tech make turn initiation a breeze. The Sensor Plus can roll effortlessly edge to edge. It’s the type of feature that you don’t know you love until you swap to a board without it and instantly feel like you are carving in slow motion.  

While it is an easy board to carve that riders of all experience levels can enjoy, it is the intermediate to advanced riders who will appreciate the highlight of this board. It’s powerful, explosive pop. Thanks to its full camber profile and the carbon fiber worked into its core, the Nidecker Sensor Plus is a snowboard that always wants to rebound back into its original shape. That rebounding is what gives this board its springboard-like pop and response.  

The Nidecker Sensor Plus snowboard is a great choice for jumps of all sizes. The board’s flex pattern is rated at seven out of ten, which provides stability for the perfect setup carves. The Sensor Plus also comes with an incredibly fast high-quality sintered base that will allow you to quickly pick up speed when you need a little extra to clear the knuckle of a jump. Additionally, the Sidekick technology makes landings more forgiving, so if you spin slightly off-axis, the raised contact points allow you to still ride away clean without catching an edge.

This a snowboard that feels intuitive to pop off jumps with. There isn’t any weird sweet spot with its pop where you need to learn to time it perfectly. After a few runs, you’ll get the hang of it and be loading your pop up perfectly to launch it perfectly to your landing.  

While the Sensor Plus’ highlight in the park is with jumping, the board is fast enough to make the stiffer flex pattern still work for jibbing too. That said, it will take some practice and a little bit of muscle to press. It can definitely press, though. There is a sweet spot right in front of the insert pack that allows the board to lock nicely into a nose or tailpress. This is a board that can board slide and 5050 without a lot of effort. The camber profile works to cradle features when you boardslide them, and I found that the Sidekick profile was on the more mellow side, so it never got in the way when I was just 50-50ing or riding flat on boxes.

Overall, this is a board that has a ton of power and response with technology built into it that makes it easy to ride. If you’re looking for a beast of a park board, you should consider the Nidecker Sensor Plus.

Pros of The Nidecker Sensor Plus

Here are a few pros of the Nidecker Sensor Plus.

The Insane Level of Pop

The primary highlight of the Nidecker Sensor Plus is its snappy, explosive pop. This is a snowboard with carbon fiber stringers built into it. The carbon stringers work with the Lightweight Wood Core to give the Sensor Plus a spring-board level of pop.

If you’re looking for a board that is destined to get you up in the air and clearing knuckles, you’ll love the Sensor Plus.

Easy to Learn New Spin Tricks / Easier Landings

This board has a feature called Sidekick technology that lifts its contact points out of the snow. If you were to look at the nose or tail of the board, you would see that they curve upwards like this.

The benefit of the Sidekick technology is that you can land tricks more easily when your contact points are out of the way. The up-lifted contact points give this board a catch-free feel. That catch-free nature helps you learn new spin tricks because if you’re landing slightly off-axis, this board will allow you to simply land and skirt your last few degrees on the ground.

Fun to Carve With

This board is also really fun to carve with outside of the park. Here is a close up image to show what the sidecut looks like in the 153cm Sensor Plus.

It will be good for making quicker, tighter turns and allowing you to get the perfect set-up carve off of kickers.

Damp / Smooth Ride

This board features a topsheet with rubber built into it to help dampen vibrations and offer some shock absorption while you’re riding. As you’re landing jumps or carving on bumpy or rutted-out terrain, the rubber built into this board will absorb the vibrations allowing you to ride longer before your legs would get tired.

Here is a close up picture of the topsheet.

Nidecker’s Warranty

When you register for your board’s warranty here, Nidecker offers three years.

Nidecker’s warranty covers products that were purchased from authorized dealers. The warranty guarantees that the board will be free of defects in material and craftsmanship for three years after the date the board was purchased. If you find a defect or run into any trouble, contact Nidecker, and they will repair or replace your board.

It is worth noting the warranty does not cover damage from wear and tear or misuse, so if you break your board on a lipslide, chances are it wouldn’t be covered. However, if your board delaminates on its own, it would be.


This board can take a beating, and it keeps bouncing back. I accidentally hit the side of the nose while trying to jib, and other than a scuff, there was no real consequence to how this board rode. Here is a picture showing a close up of what it looked like.

I’ve seen other boards become unrideable after a hit like that, and the Sensor Plus just kept on going. 


The Sensor Plus has a core designed specifically to feel light underfoot. The core is made with a combination of lightweight paulownia, poplar, and hardwood beech stringers. The combination of wood, along with the carbon stringers added in, reduces the weight of the board while adding to its snappy, responsive nature.

Shorter Learning Curve To Ride Than The Bataleon Evil Twin

I found the learning curve for carving on the Nidecker Sensor Plus to be shorter than the learning curve in the Bataleon Evil Twin. The upward-lifted contact points -the Sidekick Technology- in the Nidecker Sensor Plus create a very mellow arc in the nose and tail of the board. It’s less abrupt of an arc than in the Bataleon Evil Twin or Evil Twin Plus. Since the arc in the nose and tail in the Sensor Plus isn’t as exaggerated, you get all of the catch-free benefits of Sidekick and Bataleon’s triple base technology (3bt) with a shorter learning curve.

Cons of The Nidecker Sensor Plus

Here are a few cons of the Sensor Plus to help you decide if this is the right board for you.

Flex Pattern Will Be Too Stiff For Some

The Nidecker Sensor Plus is on the stiffer side of park boards. It is more intended for jumping and carving than jibbing. That’s not to say that it can’t jib. It can. It’s just a little challenging to get very tall presses or tricks that involve your board to flex. If you love to tail or nose press, this might not be the board for you. That said, the Nidecker Sensor Plus does have a sweet spot in its nose and tail that allows for you to get a press. If you want it to be a taller press, you will have to put some muscle and practice into it.

If you enjoy jibbing and want to hit small to medium jumps, check out the  Nidecker Sensor (the non-plus version).

Not the Most Beginner Friendly Deck

While anyone can learn to ride this board, a beginner just learning to snowboard will enjoy a different board with a softer flex pattern a little more than this one. If you’re just starting out and want to ride a more beginner-friendly board, check out the Nidecker Play.

Who Is the Nidecker Sensor Plus a Good Fit For?

The Nidecker Sensor Plus snowboard is perfect for intermediate to advanced-level riders who want a park board that is excellent for jumping while still being able to carve and jib too.

The Sensor Plus is a slightly stiffer board with an explosive pop, tons of response for carving, and a damp overall feel. This board has features that make it simple to learn new spin tricks while still being fast and stable enough to rip as your all-mountain board. If that sounds like it could be fun, you should preorder the Nidecker Sensor Plus to ensure they have your size in stock.

The Nidecker Sensor Plus Specs and Finding the Right Size For You

Here are the full specs of the Nidecker Sensor Plus.

Board Size (CM) Nose Length (CM) Contact Edge Length (CM) Effective Edge Length (CM) Tail Length (CM) Sidecut Radius (M) Nose Width (CM) Underfoot Width : Front Foot (CM) Waist Width (CM) Underfoot Width : Rear Foot (CM) Tail Width (CM) Reference Stance (CM) Minimum – Maximum Stance (CM) Recommended Rider’s Weight (KG) Recommended Rider’s Weight (LBS) Recommended Boot Size (Men’S Us) Taper (CM) Set Back (CM)
147 M 25 97 111 25 7.2 27.6 25.3 24.4 25.3 27.6 50 46-54 50 – 60 110 – 132 4.5 – 8.5 0 0
150 M 25 100 114 25 7.3 27.9 25.5 24.7 25.5 27.9 52 48-56 55 – 65 121 – 143 6.0 – 11.5 0 0
153 L 25 103 117 25 7.4 28.8 26.1 25.2 26.1 28.8 54 50-58 60 – 75 132 -165 6.0 – 11.5 0 0
156 L 25 106 120 25 7.5 29.2 26.4 25.4 26.4 29.2 54 50-58 65 – 80 143 -177 8.0 – 11.5 0 0
159 W 25 109 123 25 7.6 30.4 27.5 26.5 27.5 30.4 55 51-59 75+ 165+ 11.0 -14.0 0 0

Use this chart to learn which size of the Nidecker Sensor Plus will be right for you.

See the Right Size Nidecker Sensor+ for You
Nidecker Sensor Plus Weight Range Size Chart
Board Size (CM) Weight Range (LBS) Boot Size Range (Men’s USA)
147 M 110 – 132 4.5 – 8.5
150 M 121 – 143 6.0 – 11.5
153 L 132 -165 6.0 – 11.5
156 L 143 -177 8.0 – 11.5
159 W 165+ 11.0 -14.0

Overall Rating of the Nidecker Sensor Plus Snowboard 2024

ConsiderationsRating Out 5
Resort Riding5.0
Carving / Turns4.6
Ice / Poor Conditions4.6
Durability / Quality5.0
Fun to ride5.0
Total Rating4.6

Editor’s Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

The Main Summary: Is the Nidecker Sensor+ Worth It?

Yes. If you’re looking for a snowboard that can help you learn new jump tricks without having to worry about catching an edge, then check out the Nidecker Sensor Plus. This is a board with a ton of pop, a stable in control feel, and an exceptional light weight.

Which bindings go well with the Sensor Plus Snowboard?

The Nidecker Supermatic Bindings pair perfectly with the Sensor Plus snowboard. Here is more info on the Supermatic.

Deciding Between Other Comparable Boards

There are two comparable boards to the Nidecker Sensor Plus.

  • The Nidecker Sensor (regular non-plus version)
  • The Bataleon Evil Twin Plus

How to Decide Between the Nidecker Sensor Plus and the Nidecker Sensor

Here are two parameters to help you decide if the Nidecker Sensor Plus or the regular non-plus version would be right for you.

  • If you spend more time jibbing than you do jumping, the non-plus version of the Nidecker Sensor will be perfect for you.
  • If you spend more time jumping than jibbing, the Nidecker Sensor Plus will be perfect for you.

How to Decide Between the Nidecker Sensor Plus Vs the Bataleon Evil Twin Plus

Here are two parameters to help you decide if the Nidecker Sensor Plus or the Bataleon Evil Twin Plus would be right for you.

  • If you’re carving all over the mountain, hitting jumps of all sizes, and doing flatter-based, non-pressed jib tricks like 50-50ing boxes or rails, you’ll love the Nidecker Sensor Plus.
  • If you’re spending most of your time in the park, pressing your board a lot, and still want a board that can launch you off small to medium sized jumps, you’ll love the Bataleon Evil Twin or the Bataleon Evil Twin Plus.

Where Can You Buy a Sensor Plus?

You can buy the Nidecker Sensor Plus directly on the Nidecker’s Website here.

About the reviewer

Rider Name: Steve Weber

Home Mountains: Big Boulder, Jack Frost, Montage – North Eastern Pennsylvania (Lots of east coast ice.)

Pre-Season Mountains: Big Snow

Size / Model: The board I reviewed was a 2024 Nidecker Sensor + Size 153

Rider Weight: 142lbs

Bindings Used: 2024 Nidecker Supermatic Bindings

Boots Used: DC Phase Snowboard Boots

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