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The Best Gifts for Snowboarders from Stocking Stuffers to Jaw Droppers (Sorted by Prices)

It is easy to find a Christmas or birthday gift for any of the snowboarders in your life. Why? Because snowboarders will always need clothes to stay warm, new gear, and accessories to tune that new gear.

The most challenging part about shopping for a snowboard is knowing exactly what would be the perfect gift for them. I took care of that for you right here in this list.

Here are the best gifts for all snowboarders for the 2023 – 2024 season.

Best gift for a snowboarder under $10 (Stocking stuffer size)

A Stomp Pad

A Stomp Pad

A stomp pad is used for the moments your back foot is not strapped into your binding. To get on and off the ski lift, you need to unstrap your back foot. The stomp pad is intended to give your loose foot a little more board control as you get on and off the lift.

Please note that not all riders like to use stomp pads as they can add some unnecessary weight to your snowboard. I learned to ride without one. However, there have been slippery embarrassing times while getting on and off the lift that I wish it was there.

If you are shopping for a younger or newer snowboarder, this can be a great stocking stuffer gift, though. If you want a stocking stuffer for an older rider, it never hurts to get them some wax.

Best snowboard gift under $20 (Stocking stuffer size)

A Snowboard Tool

A Snowboard Tool

With your board going from your warm car to the cold snow, it is common for the screws in your bindings to come loose. It is helpful for every rider to have a compact snowboard tool nearby at all times. I can tell you from experience. It gets dangerous when your binding starts to come loose while you are in the middle of carving down a mountain. A snowboard tool helps you make sure your gear is tight and ready to be dialed in at any moment. It is a swiss army knife for your snowboard.

Best gifts for skiers and snowboarders under $25 (Stocking stuffers)

A rechargeable handwarmer

A rechargeable handwarmer

For those extremely cold days when you are riding the lift, there is nothing better than having warm hands. By warming up even a little bit, you can stay out on the hill a little longer. Snowboarding and skiing are fantastic when you are comfortable. However, for those frigid rides up the lifts, you need some way to stay warm while you are sitting still for a few minutes. An excellent gift to help the rider in your life stay out longer is by keeping their hands warm. This is a rechargeable hand warmer. It is small enough to fit in your pocket, and it doubles as a power battery to power your phone. This is hands down the best gift under $25.

Best Stocking Stuffers for Snowboarders Under $30

Comfortable Merino Wool Snowboard Socks

merino wool snowboard socks

Just like with your hands, you need warm feet too. Your feet need to be comfortable in order to snowboard well. If they aren’t, you won’t stay out as long. Additionally, you probably won’t have as much fun. You need to be warm and comfortable to ride. Smartwool and Vans have collaborated to make the perfect snowboard sock. These are one of the best stocking stuffers you can buy the snowboarder in your life.

Most Useful Snowboard Gift Under $30

A Pair of Gloves or Mittens

A Pair of Gloves or Mittens

All skiers and snowboarders wear gloves or mittens. You can’t go wrong with buying a pair that has decent ratings, will keep you dry, and matches the riders jacket. While there are some high-end gloves out there, you want to make sure these keep your hands dry and can withstand the abuse of grabbing the sharp edges of your board. I recommend any of the gloves from Burton or Dakine in the $20 – $50 range.

Best snowboard gift under $40

Snowboard headphones for their Helment (Audio Chips)

Snowboard headphones for their Helment (Audio Chips)

There is nothing better than riding down the slopes with your favorite songs blasting in your ears. For any snowboarder that wears a helmet, it is challenging to use normal headphones or earbuds. With your head constantly moving while you are riding, normal headphones fall out as they rub your helmet or hat. That’s where these come in.

In most helmets, there are ear warming sections that allows for installing speakers directly into them. Those speakers are called audio chips. Think of them as headphones that fit directly into a ski or snowboard helmet. My recommendation would be to go with a pair of audio chips that are universal to fit most helmets and have a microphone built into them. The ones I linked to should do the trick. They sound decent and don’t cost too much. I love these because it allows me to answer calls while on the slopes without the need to to take my glove off. You would be surprised how convenient that feature is.

Best snowboard gifts under $50

An inexpensive yet awesome pair of Goggles

An inexpensive yet awesome pair of Goggles

Snowboard goggles can get extremely expensive. If you were to do a quick product search for the word “snowboard goggles,” you will see what I mean. It is common for riders to spend between $150 to $200 for a decent pair of Goggles. I never understood that. As long as your visibility is great, you could get away with finding a generic pair that allows you to swap out the lenses inexpensively. So that is the path that I took. I spent more on the gear under my feet instead of the gear I wore on my head. In this instance, it worked out for me. I wound up getting a pair of the Outdoor Masters magnetic lens googles. I bought the exact version that I linked to. The lenses I got were the blue VLT 15% lenses. The blue color lens is perfect for sunny days, and for an extra few bucks, I also bought a pair of clear lenses for cloudy and nighttime riding.

The goggles themselves are incredible, and I wouldn’t know the difference from a more expensive pair. The only potential con is that they are probably not as scratch-resistant as high-end pair. I solve this by keeping them in the soft protective case they came with whenever I am not snowboarding. That should work for you or who you give this gift to. Worst case scenario, you go back on Amazon and buy another magnetic lens to swap the damaged one. The best part about these Goggles is that the lenses are interchangeable. The spare lenses are cheap too.

Pro tip: Use coupon code botw15 to save 15% off your order on direct orders from

Also check out the best snowboard goggles award list too.

Best gift for a snowboarder under $60

A helmet (with proper ventilation)

A helmet (with proper ventilation)

In the 90s era of snowboarding that I come from, it was viewed as being uncool to wear a helmet. That is no longer the case. Whenever you go to a ski resort, you will see most skiers and riders are wearing helmets. It is more common now than ever.

think of my helmet as an extra layer to keep me warm that doubles as my headphones. Snowboarding with a helmet will give a level of confidence that isn’t there without it. I am in my 30s, and I am trying tricks I would have never tried as a teenager because I am not worried that I will get a concussion. I am safer with it, and I recommend every rider wear a helmet (and get a set of audio chips for it).

Best gift for snowboarders under $75

Massage muscle gun for eliminating sore legs

Massage muscle gun for eliminating sore legs

I received this massage gun as a gift, and it has been incredible for eliminating soreness after skateboarding, snowboarding, and running. Massage guns offer percussive vibration therapy that you can perform in your own home (or in the parking lot of the slopes). The massage gun provides a burst of pressure to your muscle tissue as the head of the gun rapidly extends and retracts. The gun comes with six different attachments configured to help you target specific areas of your body to increase blood flow, reduce inflammation, and break up knots.

This Flyby unit is the exact model that I use. It doesn’t have the fancy LCD screen of the highest unit out there. However, it gets the job done. Its motor is quiet, and it lasts me for over 30 hours without needing to charge it. It is the perfect gift around the $75 range for the snowboarder in your life.

Best gift for snowboarders under $80

boot and glove dryer

There is nothing worse than putting your gloves and snowboard boots on while they are still wet from a session a few days ago. Your foot winds up being cold, and you don’t ride as long as you would have if your gear was dry. This is a forced-air garment dryer that heats to 105-degrees F. It is designed to dry boot liners, gloves, hats, and everything the snowboarder in your life uses. If you are looking for a snowboard gift under $80, give the gift of dry gear. They will thank you for it.

Best gift for snowboarders under $90

A base layer that adapts to your body’s temperature

A base layer that adapts to your body's temperature

It is likely the snowboarder you are buying the gift for already has a jacket. However, they might not have a base layer to keep them warm under that jacket. I recommend finding a base layer with Merino Wool because it will do a fantastic job insulating the rider. It will keep them warm when it is cold outside. Additionally, it will keep the snowboarder cool when it is warm out. When you can regulate your temperature, you can ride longer, and when you can ride longer, you keep the fun going. So why not give the gift of fun?

You can’t go wrong with this base layer from Smartwool.

Best snowboard Gift Under $100

Rechargeable heated gloves

Rechargeable heated gloves

Getting a fresh pair of gloves is great. However, getting a pair of gloves that have a built-in hand warmer is even better. These gloves have a rechargeable heated sensor that runs through the entire glove. These gloves are the perfect blend of 3M waterproof technology with technology to make sure the snowboarder in your life’s hands are warm. These gloves have touchscreen-compatible fingertips, so the rider can still use their phone. If you want to give a high tech gift that will keep a snowboarder or skier on the slopes, this is it.

Best snowboard Gift Under $125

Having a designated backpack to hold all of your snowboard gear is crucial. Once my snowboard gear is dry, I like to leave everything I need in my bag. It helps me ensure I don’t forget anything when going to the mountain. This backpack from Burton is perfect. It is waterproof, has all the space you need, and has reinforced straps specifically to hold your snowboard. This is the type bag you can use to hike up to your favorite backcountry spot. The rider in your life will love this.

Best snowboard Gift Under $150

A new snowboard jacket

A new snowboard jacket

Snowboard jackets vary significantly in their price, and they are not all created equal. I like Volcom’s jackets. They are warm, will keep you dry, and are inexpensive when compared to some other brands. If you get this gift early enough, you might even be able to buy a jacket from last season to save some money. A new jacket is a gift that any snowboarder will live.

Best Snowboard Gift Under $200

A Ski or Snowboard Car Rack

A Ski or Snowboard Car Rack

A Snowboard rack is perfect for those road trips with your friends. When you can free up space in your car for luggage, you can stay longer and enjoy more time riding. This snowboard rack from Thule can hold six pairs of skis or four snowboards. This rack comes with a built-in mounting system that fits most roof rack systems like this one, round bars and most factory built-in racks for convenient and easy installation.

Best Snowboard Gifts Under $250

Snowboard Boots

ski or snowboard boots

Quality can vary greatly with ski or snowboard boots. However, Burton put out an incredible pair called the Moto, which comes in under $250. These boots feature the BOA lacing system, and you simply twist the BOA to get the level of tightness you want and pull it out to release it.

The best feature about the Burton Moto snowboard boot is that Burton managed to get the overall footprint of these boots to take the same space of a boot, one full size smaller without reducing the boot’s comfort or quality. Having a boot that is smaller in its length is so helpful for snowboarding because it will reduce the level of dragging your heels and toes have while riding on the snow.

If you’re looking for a snowboard gift under $250, consider getting the Burton Moto snowboard boots.

Looking for other boots? Check out our best snowboard boots award list

Best gift for a snowboarder under $300

A GoPro Hero10 Action Camera

A GoPro Hero10

The GoPro Hero10 is a phenomenal action camera any snowboarder would love. While it is technically last year’s model, the savings and tech this camera brings are completely worth it. The GoPro Hero10 includes an upgrade to the built stabilization the camera uses. They call it HyperSmooth 4.0, and it is perfect for any snowboarder using a helmet attachment or while held on the mounting stick.

The Gift That Will Save Their Life

An Avalanche Backpack with Airbag

An Avalanche Backpack with Airbag

While it is on the more expensive side, this backpack can save a snowboarder or skier’s life. The Black Diamond Jetforce Tour 26L backpack has an airbag system in it that will inflate in less than 5 seconds to help the snowboarder or skier stay above the snow as an avalanche is tumbling down on them. What makes the Jetforce Tour different than other models on the market is that it uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery to power a supercapacitor that inflates the airbag. The benefit is that the bag is lighter, has more space and can inflate an airbag faster. If the snowboarder in your life goes into avalanche territory, you need to get them this.

The Ultimate Gift for a Snowboarder

A new snowboard

A new snowboard

The ultimate gift you can get for a snowboarder is a new board or complete setup. This Capita DOA (Defenders of Awesome) board is my personal favorite all-around snowboard. The DOA is great for riding resorts, in the board park, and the backcountry. It is the one board that can do it all. My favorite part about this board is its pop. It has carbon fiber running through it. The carbon helps the board remain durable and gives it a springboard feel that allows you to spring off the ground more than you will find with other boards. The best detail of all is it is on the cheaper side in the way of new snowboards. If you have more to spend, you might even want to check out the Super DOA. It is the upgraded, super version of the board. I recommend using our snowboard size calculator to figure out which board length to buy the rider in your life. If they have a foot size larger than a 12, you should go with one of the wider versions that can be found here.

You can read more about the DOA in our best all-mountain snowboards guide.

So there you have it.
The best stocking stuffers for snowboarders

The Best Gifts for Snowboarders

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